Principal’s Message

Manisha Khanna

Education should be beyond academic growth. It should encompass the holistic development of a child’s emotional, physical, and intellectual skills.

Keeping this in mind, St. Andrews World School primarily focuses on the holistic development of the student. We do not stick to the old schooling methodologies, instead, we have created value-based, forward-thinking, and innovative teaching techniques that offer academic and practical education. Our unique and dynamic learning environment truly encourages our students to discover their hidden potential.

Every day we are striving for preparing the students for the future challenges which they will face beyond the walls of the school. The world is ever-changing and to solve complex problems we need to nurture the skills, values, and positive attitude in students. In doing so, we will create fearless leaders of tomorrow that are equipped with the useful knowledge and skills required for surviving the real world.

Being a forward-thinking educator with characteristic vigor and vision, I always make sure that our students are not only limited to the mere acquisition of knowledge. But, St. Andrews learners succeed as confident, proactive, and productive members of society. I motivate the students to try something new and different and push their boundaries.

I welcome you to visit St. Andrews School to experience the vibrancy of the student-friendly environment we offer to the children for the best learning outcomes.